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Our Proven Solutions

Our award-winning online workplace safety solutions help
administrators save time and money, and better manage compliance,
while providing a safer work environment for their employees.

Online Staff Training

Administer safety training and your organization's content to all staff online.

Automate your safety and compliance training with our web-based system. Use our expert-authored courses or easily build your own in our system. Staff training has never been easier!

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Management

Organize, update, and store your chemical inventory lists and SDSs online.

Protect your organization with a well-organized SDS system, accessible from any web-enabled device. GHS compliant.

Accident Tracking

Report and manage injuries and accidents across your organization.

Our online first report of injury system helps you manage accident reports for employees and visitors, across multiple locations. Valuable trend reports support your prevention efforts.

Featured Testimonial

"We switched from another training provider to the SafePersonnel Online Staff Training System and in just 6 months we have more training completions than we did in 3 years with the other program, and our numbers are still growing! Outstanding!"

Scott Neufeld, Director of Risk Management, Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO)

Local Governments

Municipal, county and state administrators use our online safety and compliance programs to provide specialized training for their staff, better manage chemicals and safety data sheets, and more easily track staff injuries and accidents throughout their jurisdictions.


Every CEO and business manager wants to ensure they're providing a safe work environment. It's essential from a legal perspective, but also from a productivity standpoint. Our safety and compliance programs can help you minimize your risk, whether it's in a single office or across multiple locations.


Tight budgets are often the norm for non-profits and that's where our affordable safety and compliance programs can make a real difference. Whether you need to efficiently train volunteers, or comply with GHS chemical mandates, we make it easier by automating the labor-intensive tasks associated with these activities.


We partner with leading insurance providers, including Keenan, AMRRP, VACoRP and many others who purchase our online safety and compliance programs for their members. Many have seen significant reductions in injuries and claims, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year!

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