Preventing Staff Injury

Preventing Staff Injuries at Work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses take place every year.

In the U.S. almost 90 workers are killed on the job every week or more than 13 deaths every day. The top most reported workers’ compensation injuries as listed by top insurance companies are:

Injury Type

  1. Overexertion Injuries
    Prevention Action: Train employees on the proper way to perform physical activities, utilize equipment and ways to eliminate exertion hazards.
  2. Slipping/Tripping
    Prevention Action: Train employees on slips, trips, and falls hazards and proper management of spills and clean up. Use non-slip rugs and signage.
  3. Falling from Heights
    Prevention Action: Have employees use proper personal protection equipment that they’ve been trained on, install guardrails and other engineered devices, and encourage and reward employee diligence.
  4. Reaction Injuries
    Prevention Action: Address slippery areas around your office by clearing snow and/or placing no slip rugs/strips near entrances/exits, label or mark uneven walkways and keep workspaces tidy.
  5. Falling Object Injuries
    Prevention Action: Store/stack materials in a safe and secure manner (banding and stack height limits), use signage in areas where debris may fall and ensure employees use proper personal protective equipment.
  6. Walking Into Injuries
    Prevention Action: Maintain a neat and tidy workplace, clearly mark potential obstacles/hazards and train employees to be diligent in their surroundings.
  7. Vehicle Crashes
    Prevention Action: De¬fine safe driving policies with an emphasis on distracted and defensive driving and provide employees with safe-driver training.
  8. Machine Entanglement
    Prevention Action: Provide protective barriers/equipment and train employees on how to recognize and secure potential entanglement hazards.
  9. Repetitive Motion Injuries
    Prevention Action: Provide proper ergonomic equipment and training, encourage employees to take breaks to stretch and/or rest eyes and muscles, and where possible, cross train employees so you can implement a job rotation schedule.
  10. On the Job Violent Acts
    Prevention Action: Provide workplace violence prevention training for employees and create communication channels for reporting suspicious activity to administrators.

Many of these injuries are preventable if administrators and supervisors take proper action, including regular employee safety training.

How the SafePersonnel Online Staff Training System Helps

The SafePersonnel Online Training System includes a variety of courses that you can use to train staff on how to prevent injuries at work. Every course is written by a leading safety expert, and titles include Active Shooter; Back Injury & Lifting; Distracted Driving; Electrical Safety; General Ergonomics; Ladder Safety; Personal Protective Equipment; Slips, Trips & Falls; Workplace Violence Prevention; and many more.

Use our expert-authored courses or easily create your own organization or location-specific courses and policies in our system and assign them to employees. And, every completion is tracked automatically by the system, for compliance purposes.