Accident Tracking

SafePersonnel Accident Tracking System

Our First Report of Injury System makes it more efficient for supervisors and managers to record, investigate and manage accidents and injuries throughout your organization, through any web-enabled device.

Cloud Based Injury Reporting System

  • Use one convenient online system to manage accidents and injuries for employees, volunteers and visitors.
  • Save time by automating workflows:
    • Automatically create organization, state and federal (OSHA 300 and more) reports.
    • Employees can self-populate key information, streamlining the process.
    • The system notifies and reminds supervisors and other key personnel to review and submit reports, so they stay on track.
  • Administrative dashboards and reports deliver key metrics for easy trend analysis.

Save time and money by taking your accident and injury reporting and management tasks online with our affordable and easy-to-use system!

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